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Enroll now


Enroll now

If you would like to make a payment on a current Club bill, please click the link below.

We are now accepting applications for TEENS and HOMESCHOOL STUDENTS. 

For all other membership, please click on the button above to be put on our waiting list for our afterschool program. 

Membership is just $10 PER YEAR! This small fee is due upon enrollment, and does not include our summer program Camp fee. 

Here's what you need to know:

We open doors. When your child enrolls in the Club, they spend their time engaged in classes and programs that cater to their interest in 5 core disciplines. No different than any extra curricular activity, attendance is required. Please let them stay for their scheduled classes, attendance is paramount to their continued success.

We KNOW life is crazy and we're here to help. 

We teach classes in the Arts, Recreation & Athletics, Education & Career, Healthy Lifestyles and Character & Leadership. It's almost like mini-college only it's $10.00 a year and specifically for kids!

Classes are developed and facilitated by age groups.

We have scholarship opportunities. Yes, University of Wyoming Scholarship Opportunities! 

We partner with LCSD #1 to ensure transportation to the Club is available. See the Bus application, and check back soon for the full bus schedule!

We help with homework.

We provide healthy after-school snacks, daily.

Hours of operation: The Club is open Monday through Friday with the following hours:

School days: 2:00pm-7:00pm
We serve a snack upon arrival for all ages

Half days or in-service days: open until 6:00pm (There is a $5.00 charge for half days)
We serve lunch to Jr. High & High School students ONLY and an afternoon snack for all ages

No school days: 7:30am-6:00pm (There is a $5.00 charge per day for no school days)
We serve breakfast, lunch & an afternoon snack for all ages

Holidays: Please refer to our holiday calendar (There is a $5.00 charge per day for holidays)

Club Scholarships

Occasionally there are scholarships available to assist with annual membership fees. Please call the Club at 307-778-6674 to ask about availability.

If you have additional questions check out our  member handbook! It's an amazing resource for information.

How to apply:

  1. Click the Enroll Now button below and fill in all fields of the application.
  2. Click the Supplemental Materials button below, print and fill out forms, then return them in person to the Boys & Girls Club. 
  3. Attend Orientation! Parents & members both new and returning MUST attend orientation before they can attend BGC Cheyenne. This is a great opportunity to tour the Club, learn more about what we do, address expectations and ask questions. Orientations will be held during all membership renewals listed above. Please call 307-778-6674 if none of these times work for you. 

Homeschool Program

Homeschool Program

Homeschool? No problem! Our homeschool program provides fun and educational classes specifically geared toward homeschooled kids, all for $10 per year!